For TWB staff

Browser Support

Kató, the TWB translation server, is based on the open-source MateCat system which officially only supports the Google Chrome browser. TWB team members should always use Chrome.


TWB team members log on to Kató using their Translators without Borders email account, and their Workspace account when posting projects on the Workspace.

Posting complex projects initiated by nonprofits

The TWB team will be notified by email when a nonprofit creates a project which doesn’t meet the criteria for a simple project. The email contains the ID of the project. TWB team members can then proceed to review the project details, split the files, choose the appropriate project settings (TM, MT, glossaries etc.) and post it in the Workspace.

MateCat Comment feature

TM management

Partner-generated projects are hardwired to use the TWB Master TM. Partners cannot see or modify their TM settings.

The TM settings for projects which TWB creates on behalf of partners do however have to be configured when creating a project, on the Resources panel (on the Create Project page, click on the Settings link to the right of the dropdown lists). Generally, the TWB Master TM should be used, as well as any domain TMs that may apply (e.g. Nutrition or Health), plus partner-specific TMs where applicable. Note that partner-specific TMs may be used by more than one partner organization because the partners actually belong together (eg. MSF offices or Red Cross country organizations).

Adding partners and partner PMs to the Kató database

Kató has its own simple database with partner-related data, because some of the data stored in the Workpace – namely the names of our partners’ project managers – is not accessible through the Workspace API yet needed to authorize them whenever they create projects on behalf of their organization. In the future, it may be possible to obtain this data from the Workspace or alteratively from NeonCRM, if TWB was to decide to manage this information there. But for the time being, new partners (“members”) and their project managers need to be entered in this database. The following shows how:

Tracking details for projects carried out outside Kató

The Kató database also has a table for the details of projects carried out entirely in other systems, such as the Workspace. The main reason for that is that we otherwise would be unable to get a consolidated view of the work done for partners on the terms of their NeonCRM memberships.

The following video shows how to view and enter such project data in Kató: