For translators

Browser Support

Kató, the TWB translation server, is based on the open-source MateCat system which officially only supports the Google Chrome browser. The translation and review interfaces in particular can only be accessed in Chrome. Some of the additional pages may work in other browsers, but as translators will mainly use the TWB Translation Server to create and edit translations, we strongly recommend to only use Google Chrome when accessing it.


Currently, Kató doesn’t require translators to be logged on; the unique and unguessable link to the translation page, which is known only to the translator who has accepted the task in the TWB Workspace or in Trommons, serves as the only access restriction.

Using the MateCat translation interface

Kató is an online translation tool. The translation is carried out directly in the webbrowser, and each translated “segment” (or sentence) is saved immediately when the translator clicks on the Translated button.

This video explains the basic use of the online translation interface:

Visual checks and whitespaces around tags

Translators should download the translated file(s) and run a visual check before setting the job as complete in the Workspace.

While translating, special attention should be paid to missing whitespace warnings. They can be wrong, but especially when there are tags, it should be checked that any whitespaces that precede or follow tags in the source are also present in the translation (if applicable).

Untranslatable segments

MateCat unfortunately doesn’t support the protection of untranslatable segments. When translators come across such segments, they should:

  • Use the > symbol between the source and target segments to copy the source segment to the target side.
  • Do not click the Translated button; instead, after copying the source, just move to the next segment

Translation stuck at ~99%

Once a translator is done with a translation, it sometimes seems that the MateCat completion status indicated on the bottom left remains stuck just below 100%, eg. at 99.67%, and the download dropdown on the top right still says “Preview” and not “Download Translation”.

In most cases, this means that there are some segments left that have not been confirmed (even if the translation looks good). To find these segments, click on the blue progress bar on the bottom left; this will take you to the first unconfirmed segment. Edit it as needed (watch out for missing tags which you can resolve by clicking “Guess Tags” first, possibly repeatedly) and confirm. Then click again on the blue progress bar until the completion status reaches 100%.

Alternatively, instead of clicking on the blue progress bar, you can also click the T+>> button under the translated segment; this will confirm the translation and also take you to the next unconfirmed segment.