For nonprofits

Browser Support

Kató, the TWB translation server, is based on the open-source MateCat system which officially only supports the Google Chrome browser. This limitation only partially affects the features available to nonprofits; in particular the Monitor Translation Progress page is known not to display in the Microsoft Edge browser. Project creation works in Edge and Firefox as well as Chrome. In case of problems, a first step to take is to use Chrome.


The use of Kató requires to be logged on using Google authentication. This does not mean that users necessarily have to have a Gmail account; if you don’t currently have a Google account, please create one here: Create your Google Account. Please make sure to use the email address known to TWB, most probably your professional email address. If you have more than one Google account (e.g. a personal Gmail account and a professional email account) please use the Google account associated to your professional email when authenticating yourself.

After project creation, when posting your project to the Workspace, you will be asked to sign in with your account; that’s your TWB Workspace account. Please contact the TWB team if you’re unsure about your account details.

The use of Google authentication will eventually be removed so that only one authentication, from the TWB Workspace, will be needed. Today, MateCat doesn’t support authentication other than via Google.

Self-service project creation

Kató has been designed so that nonprofits can initiate simple translation projects without assistance by the TWB team. What makes a simple project depends on the size of the translation, the language pair, the file format and some other criteria which TWB may change over time. Projects initiated by nonprofits which don’t meet these criteria will be assisted or entirely managed by the TWB team.

Once a simple project has been created in Kató, nonprofits can post it on the TWB Workspace where translators can then accept it. The posting in the Workspace is done with the help of a simple dialog from which nonprofits can choose the Workspace project, project manager and a deadline.